Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency released and is still the most commonly traded. Bitcoin is built on blockchain technology, and it is a digital token that can be sent electronically via a decentralized digital payment network. Bitcoin can be sent from one person to another, anywhere in the world. If you’re looking for a safe place to store your Bitcoin (BTC), then Cryptocorex is the app for you..

What Can You Do With Cryptocorex's Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet?

Being easy to use and highly secure, Cryptocorex’s Bitcoin Wallet is the best place to buy, sell, swap or grow your crypto. With Cryptocorex, Your cryptocurrencies are protected from hackers, easy to access, and easily recoverable if you lose or change your device.

View Your Bitcoin (BTC) Portfolio

Trying to keep track of online portfolio trackers is tiresome, and outdated, not to mention they can give you conflicting results. With Cryptocorex, you’re able to view your Bitcoin (BTC) portfolio and keep up to date with market trends right from the app.

Send and Receive Bitcoin (BTC)

It’s easier than ever to send or receive your Bitcoin with the Cryptocorex app. It is as simple as swiping or tapping on your home screen and following a few prompts. With Cryptocorex, you’re able to receive and send BTC without having to leave the app.

Buy Bitcoin (BTC) On Cryptocorex

Buying crypto shouldn’t be a complex process, yet it can seem very confusing and complicated to some.Cryptocorex makes it easy even for first-time buyers to purchase crypto by simply swiping to the desired asset and following the on-screen prompts.

Fiat Bitcoin (BTC) Gateway

Success in the crypto market depends on you buying at the right time. So to make this process easier, you can use Cryptocorex to buy Bitcoin with real fiat currency like the US Dollar, Euro, and Pound Sterling.

Holding Bitcoin (BTC) Tokens

If you need to hold your crypto for an extended period of time, Cryptocorex will keep your Bitcoin secure and ready to trade even if you lose your device or change phones. By using Cryptocorex’s sophisticated recovery methods, holding onto your crypto in unexpected times is easier than ever.

Bitcoin (BTC) Competitive Interest Saving Account

By using Cryptocorex’s saving service feature on their app, you can earn interest on your Bitcoin and other coins. Unfortunately, this feature is limited to specific coins; however, new currencies are added regularly.

Why Choose Us?

If you’re just starting out or looking to upgrade to a more secure flexible wallet, then you should consider using Cryptocorex because they offer 24/7 customer service support with real people. Cryptocorex is user-friendly and the most secure crypto wallet you will find on the market.

Can You Mine Bitcoin (BTC)?

While Bitcoins can be mined, creating them through mining is to solve extremely complex math problems that will verify transactions in the currency. As time goes on this process becomes more expensive. That is why many miners choose to mine other currencies instead of Bitcoin.