Tether Wallet (USDT)

Tether (USDT) was the first stablecoin ever created, and is denominated in U.S. dollars 1-to-1. After Bitcoin and Ethereum, USDT is the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. It is used around the world by many people who need a way to transfer traditional fiat money into crypto, and vice versa. USDT is available on Cryptocorex as an ERC-20 token: Buy, sent, trade, store and earn interest on USDT through Cryptocorex.

What Can You Do With Cryptocorex's Tether (USDT) Wallet?

There are a few qualities that every good crypto wallet should have. Easy access to your coins so that you can take advantage of the (sometimes) highly volatile crypto market, security measures that protect your investment from hackers, and, of course, recoverability if anything happens to your device.

Cryptocorex does all of this (and more) by offering the flexibility of a hot wallet combined with some of the most sophisticated security measures in the industry. Here’s what you can do with your Cryptocorex Tether wallet:

View Your Tether (USDT) Portfolio

Keeping track of the market (and your portfolio) is a hassle, especially to the uninitiated. You spend time on forums, follow portfolio trackers online, and generally scrambling to keep abreast of the latest developments. Cryptocorex makes it easy. You can view your entire USDT portfolio in the Cryptocorex app on the go and stay ahead of market trends at any time. Never miss out on a favorable trading window again!

Send and Receive Tether (USDT)

Receiving or sending Tether has never been easier with the Cryptocorex app. Send and receive Tether from a different wallet, exchange, friend, or family member with a simple swipe or tap on your home screen. You’ll be informed the second Tether USDT lands in your wallet, and you can start trading right away.

Buy Tether (USDT) On Cryptocorex

Whether buying Tether for the first time or adding it to your existing portfolio, buying USDT with Cryptocorex is the easiest way to invest. Cryptocorex takes all of the guesswork and hoop-jumping out of Tether purchases by making the user interface as simple as a swipe or tap. Buy and trade Tether using our payment partners with several payment methods and currencies, right in the app.

Fiat Tether (USDT) Gateway

Swapping one cryptocurrency for the next is the standard way of purchasing crypto in most apps, but not with Cryptocorex. You can still trade Tether if you prefer, but you also have the option of purchasing Tether (USDT) with real fiat currencies like Euros, US dollars, and pound sterling.

Holding Tether (USDT) Tokens

Holding/HODLing Tether is simple and easy with Cryptocorex. Your funds are secured, and our recovery methods make it easy to access your coins at any time, even if you’ve lost or changed your device.

Trade or Exchange Tether for Bitcoin, EThereum and Other Coins and Tokens

You can exchange your USDT for any other Cryptocorex-supported assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, DOGE, Shiba Inu, Tezos, and more. Supported currencies are listed on the Cryptocorex website.

Why Choose Us?

Cryptocorex is one of the most secure and sophisticated crypto wallets on the market today, but it’s not complicated to use! Here’s what we offer:

Buy Tether with Credit Card or Wire Transfer

Cryptocorex strives to be the most user-friendly wallet on the market, which is why we offer a variety of payment methods. Pay using your Visa or Mastercard, mobile payment app, SEPA, or even Swift transfer (in select countries). You can view a menu of available payment options by tapping the buy icon. Minimum amounts are applicable when using bank transfers (available in the EU and UK). Payment must be verified via a code sent by email.